Although I love the internet, I really am not a techie individual. Unlike the real techies, I am content of having a cellphone that is presently an obsolete model. By the time I can no longer properly use my cellphone, I realized that I need to purchase a replacement. Going to the my favourite mall is the only solution for me. I admit, I love malls. The reason for this is that malls are a fun place for me. I can not only shop but also enjoy various sights. What’s most fascinating is that the mall will always have something new for me to appreciate.


It’s never easy to go to a mall. The reason for this is traffic. You’d always find the most traffic near the mall. However, traffic is not a large worry for me. The mall is actually the only thing I look forward to. I truly had an excellent time shopping for cellphones. I truly had an excellent time trying brand new cellphone models. After seeing various modern cellphone models, I was really questioning myself why I didn’t think about these cellphones just before.


Since I am not wealthy to boot, I decided to settle on a cheaper model of cellphone. Although it is cheap, it has good features that are perfect for me. After that purchase, I decided to hang around at the mall and go on to enjoy the day.

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