I know that the internet is important for businesses, especially since my work is related to business. The internet helps businesses when it comes to marketing, creating sales leads and generating additional revenue. It is also through the internet were businessmen can find the particular services their business need such as web hosting, SEO, web marketing, website development and other particular services businesses would need. The only thing I can’t quite comprehend is that there are websites today selling business strategies such as this one in here: growth strategy.

I really don’t understand this thing because why would businesses buy strategies from another business. I believe businessmen should be the ones who must come up with the right strategies. I find this thing an irresponsible thing to do. Businessmen may end up having trouble buying strategies that won’t work for them. Worst of all, their money would only be wasted on a useless strategy.

Somehow, the internet has lifted the doubts I had regarding buying business strategies over the internet. The internet made me see how websites selling strategies for businesses such as the one in this link: powerpoint template can help small and medium enterprises. Any small time business owner would find it difficult to come up with a good business strategy. The reason for this is that they are pre-occupied with various important things related to running and managing the business. While large businesses have huge finances as well as bigger workforce, small businesses would have less. With strategies they can buy, the worries they have would be lessened.

Even if I was able to finally understand the significance of this thing, I still feel uneasy about it. After all, some of these sites selling strategies cannot be relied upon. This is the reason why businesses should be careful regarding this.

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